Marinapolis ®

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Marinapolis ™ ~  means "City by the Bay" or "City by the Harbor", Earth & Water blended together. 

It is pronounced similar to "Indianapolis": "Mari`napolis".

It has a Greek etymology. "Marina" & "Polis". "Polis" means "City" in Greek," 

while the word "Marina" simply means "Born from the "Sea Foam" or simply  "Water".

So the word Marinapolis is actually "City by Water". Later, a Spanish language user adopted the name "Marina",

as a general description of the harbor for luxury boats. This is how Marinapolis ® became "City by the Harbor".

Since I am interested in Real Estate, & Real Estate is related to elements of the Earth, I named my company

Marinapolis & Co. LLC.  The element of Water is the Money for Earth.

Night View of Marine City

This is a Feng Shui Company.

Est. 2019 in USA

Welcome to Marinapolis

Description for the Elements Characteristics
came from this resource.