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this is chart analysis example

Baby male, born January 6th, 2023 at 11:10 am 

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 2.13.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 4.22.03 PM.png

Child born on this day will be considered a Strong Yang Wood element. He has enough resources, he also has only one "Clash"

(Rat ~ Horse) in his chart. He has one "Peaceful Allies" combination (Ox ~ Rat). This chart is actually fairly well balanced, it has

all elements present. He will, most likely, not going to have too many health issues earlier in life, but his parent will need to closely watch his health & life between 2024 ~ 2031. It would be better if this child DOES NOT have a babysitter until the age of 9. He should stay with his mother, if possible. His most difficult life period may be between the age of 9 & 29, he will be surrounded by many friends & competitors. But enough "Resources" should help him survive.  His life may get easier & lighter after 30, but

he will need to watch for opportunities in personal relationships, between the age of 39 & 49, he may face a period of loneliness

or loss of partners during this decade. So, if you want this child to be happy  ~ he will need to be very careful with people earlier in life, make sure he builds proper relationships to avoid severe hardships later. He should not have any money or career problems between the age 29 & 69. Closely watch for possible health issues between the age of 39 & 59. He will need more Water element.

It can be added by using diets, lifestyle or career selection. It is good decade to wear Black & Blue colors, live near water, AVOID MOUNTAINS during these periods.  Be EXTRA careful EVERY YEAR of the Monkey or the Snake. Also avoid partners with these signs. They create "Strongest Fire Penalty" together, it can lead to car accidents, scandals or tragedies, etc. Rabbit & Rooster will bring him "Love Luck", as a personal element sign or during these years. Colors Blue, Black or Red in clothes & Fire element interests or profession selection are the best, especially between the age of 9 & 29. After the age of 29 it would be better to wear Green & White. This way he will not irritate people, his personality will not be overwhelming, yet he will be more balanced & successful.

Last is overall luck location selection. For example, if this child is born in Syracuse, Italy, these are the areas that would be best for his grows or the most detrimental. In the areas to avoid he may simply face multiple dangers, both physical & emotional. His Gua number is 2. If he decides to relocate later in life NE, W, NW & SW Are the best. Relocating toward E, SE, S or N directions is NOT recommended. Practice prolonging life from earlier 50th, your resources may "ran out" in a year of 2100.

I may be ... Counselor or Diplomat?  Hey, I'm your Oxygen!